Magilan er en tidligere aktiv bruker på Nova Norways forum, og tjente som innenriksminister i Cape Colonys regjering, og senere som utenriksminister i Skatvals første regjering. Han er særlig kjent for den sistnevnte ministerposten, hvor han fyrte opp under en diskusjon rundt ytringsfrihet i Nova Norways ambassade i forsvarsalliansen COFR. Magilan var under hele sin tid i Nova Norway medlem i Forente Høyre, hvor han i en periode også var nestleder. I løpet av sin siste tid i regionen var han medlem av Sikkerhetsrådet.[1]

Magilan har ikke vært aktiv siden 26. august 2007.[2]

Advarsel til COFR[rediger | rediger kilde]

Cquote1.svg In the name of Democracy and the Freedom Of speetch, Under this, Magilan have been authorized by "Statsminister Erik Fxxxx/Prime Minister Erik Fxxxx" To do the following:

Warn the COFR about the consequences and possible reactions that might follow your Actions against the personal Liberties of theyr members, states, and the supression of general sense. I hereby speak as a representative of the NN-Goverment, Not as a single user.

Now that we have cleared the formalities..

There have been some trouble in COFR for a long time, mostly conserning the upper floors of goverment. That can be sorted out, but WE have to react when we see personal Liberties beeing threatend by what seemes to be the beginnings of a police-state.

You say you are a Confederacy of FREE Regions, Altho I and many with me are currently doubting the FREE part of it, seeing as personal Liberties and Basic RIGHTS are beeing put aside becuse somone feels offended.. YOUR ACTING LIKE THE FUCKING MUSLIMS WHEN WE DREW SOME CARTOONS ! Comon, Its Just wrong, WRONG WRONG. What I first thought, and first observed to be a young Democratic goverment, turned out to be a more and more supressing single party goverment.. Its wrong.

There is nothing wrong in calling a table for a table. So what If somone means Homo`s/Fag`s/Gay`s/Whatever-you-call-it/them, shoud be treated as sick idividuals.. They have the right to say so, becuse its a FREE, Democratic organisation. Just as I, have the right to say that I dont like feminists, becuse they are underminging the idea of Man and Woman beeing Equal. Furthermore, I also have the right to say that I dont give a flying fuck about religious peapole, And I belive the world to be a better place if they were all to dissapear, regardless of means!

THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG, When a FREE DEMOCRATIC ORGANISATION, Puts its members on trial for just stating theyr oppinion.. It is wery wery wrong.. And be warned, there are many who dont like it. Becuse of this, NovaNorways goverment will hold a meeting on NN`s relations with COFR.

Head of Forgein Affairs, NN
Ex head Of Internal Affairs.NN[3]


Fotnoter[rediger | rediger kilde]

Utenriksminister i Nova Norway
(12. aug. 2007–7. okt. 2007)
 Waffel SS 
Innenriksminister i Nova Norway
(8. juli 2007–12. aug. 2007)
 Cape Colony 
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